Sunday, January 25, 2009

Till next year

The ride was a cold and icy one, but 14 riders made it nonetheless. No falls - scratch that, I saw Rich go down once. Twas a good turnout - 13 riders left Chiang with the 14th joining on just as we neared the bench. Nate gave a hell of a speech, the group made sure every scrounged up candle was lit, passed a can or two of malt and a bottle of brown, and hightailed it to the Hex for a warm up period before being promptly kicked out at the 0200 hour.

Rachel Ride 2

The 2010 ride will be in Auckland, as Erika is moving to New Zealand in a few weeks. See you there.

Road condition update - slick slick slick. Too cold for salt to work, so they don't bother putting it down.

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