Thursday, January 15, 2009

like a deer in the headlights

You have to give the guy credit; he's not using a combustion engine, and he's taking the lane, which is pretty bad-ass when you've got a flipping cervidae on your back. It's from the fail blog, though I'm not sure this qualifies as such, quite the opposite me thinks.

On to a lighter note, this week has seen a lot of friends and colleagues laid off from where I work. Thirty years at the company? Yeah, nice knowing ya, but it's time for ya's to be on yer way. Oh, and good luck finding work out there. People are wandering around the workstitute this week a bit dumbstruck, cause no one knows who's next.

And I'd like to thank Chloe for sending this clip of her father, the large feller, on his new Portland ride, heading off to the co-op to fetch some hummus pâté for the supper table: