Friday, August 29, 2008

this one is gonna get found - get out there and look, it's unique

hey, help a sister out. my friend ellie got her bike stolen from her back porch this morning (aug 29, 314 13th ave ne). its a blue bare knuckle with flat bars, brown deep v's, paul hubs, brooks sadle, and tompson stem. if you see it or recover it let me know or call her. Ellie Gagner (612) 978-0508. thanks

party like it's 0400

So the RNC warmongers are headed to my city next week. I'll be doing my best not to head into the suburb of Saint Paul during this event, but let's stay focused on the one positive aspect this visit brings... yep, the 4am bar close (at selected establishments only). Here's a short list of bars that will be open until 04h00 sometime next week:
  1. Aqua (never heard of it)
  2. Brothers bar & grill (never heard of it)
  3. First Avenue (sweet, I hope someone worth seeing is playing - although their permit doesn't allow for live music this late)
  4. The Local (been there once, wouldn't go out of my way to go again)
  5. Newsroom (never heard of it)
  6. The Saloon (haven't heard of this one either)
Come on! What about Palmer's, CC Club, Cuzzy's - someplace I might actually want to visit?

Honestly, I was getting excited thinking about the 4am close, but it might be just like any other night - stay until I get kicked out at 0200, go under a bridge and open a can from the bag - repeat until desired consistency established.

Piece out.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Freeride3, postpartum

let's leave it at this then.

rolling down the M.G.:
ridin' with 200 of yer closest friends

rolling across the Walker bridge:
our fearless leader

high speed runs:

what's a derby without a few falls?:
Dummies down

more photos of the big event, in no particular order...
chelseastrate - I like this one
13 of clubs
ejm_msp - with video

edit - and Dapper Lad
edit - and lfoab
edit - let's not forget about dancypants

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Minnesota Energy Challenge

Hey kids, now you don't have to visit the state fair to take the Minnesota Energy Challenge - you can do it now while sitting on your ass! Check it out and see how many people you recognize.

Seriously, I had a great time doing this shoot - good people, good times.

If you're at the fair, check out the booth anyway.

broken bones, road rash, and a state fair mention

So 3 friends have ended up in the hospital in the past month due to accidents while riding their bicycles. One got hit by a car, twice, in 2 separate events (totaling his sweet S&S fitted XO-1); another (my brother) crashed off the side of the road and got tackled by the guy behind him, causing him to miss a few weeks of work - he's about to start physical therapy; and one had an intimate and instantaneous encounter with a sewer grate, resulting in neck and back injuries and quite a bit of nerve damage - still recovering and not yet able to work. Several other people I know are walking around with bruised and scabby faces, arms, and other parts. What the hell - be f'ing careful out there, peoples.

Meanwhile, today marks the first day of the MN state fair. On those years that I attend, which isn't too frequent, I like to go on the first day. There are fewer people on this day than any other, the smell hasn't yet had the opportunity to hit that ripe fermented state, fewer fat guys with no shirts on, well that last one pretty much sums it up. Not this time - business trip prevails once again. Yes, I will be traveling across our eastern border - into Wisconsin. Wish me luck.

On a side note - I am still collecting Miller points for sweet sweet swag. Let's keep 'em rolling in.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Friday, August 15, 2008

small world

One of the aid workers killed in Afghanistan, Nicole, was a friend of a friend. I didn't know her, but based on reading about her, I probably would have also been a friend.

She had a feeling we should help each other and not fight each other.


Nicole was very outgoing, a voracious reader and able to accomplish so much because she slept so little, her mother said, laughing.

She liked positive people, had dozens of friends and had a taste for scotch and rum.

Yeah, would have gotten along with her for sure.

In other news, I found out last night that a friend of mine was just hit by a car - for the second time in a month. He's a bit broken and cut up, but I'm told he's better than he looks, even walking into the coffee shop for a hello.

Watch your backs out there people, and keep an eye out for each other.

Anybody going to see The Wrexican play tonight at Stasiu's? Hell, I guess I'll go if I can find it again - somewhere up towards Duluth, right?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

some rims are bigger than others

best part of my day - riding around the block with Chloe on the back of the Big Dummy and her pointing over at the city park in surprise where there are two ponies, giving rides to children. the rest wasn't too bad, that was just the highlight thus far.

finished building a set of wheels tonight for Chloe's dad. you can come get them now, they're taking up space in my den, blocking access to my humidor and possibly in violation of fire code. we can talk about your choice of rims - I like mine to have a bit less of a bump in the seam, but that's me. something to look out for in rim selection, people.

let's close tonight with a selection from Neil himself. stop tainting the waste stream...

17-09-08 @ 3-rock.

start seeing motorcycles, you non-taxpaying bicyclists - or - I had friends die face-down in the muck so I can ride this motorcycle

Hunt on for motorcycle that fled after hitting bicyclist

Authorities are looking for a motorcycle that struck a bicycle on a southwestern Minnesota highway next to a state park.

The hit and run occurred shortly after 7:30 p.m. Tuesday on Hwy. 23 near Camden State Park. That's about 10 miles southwest of Marshall.

The State Patrol says that a black Harley-Davidson "clipped" the bicycle, leaving victim Daniel U. Smith, 33, of Marshall, with a broken elbow.

The Harley was last seen heading north on Hwy. 23.

"We are looking for anyone able to identify or give a description" of the motorcycle, the patrol said in a media dispatch. The patrol said it is taking calls about this case at 1-507-537-6277.

Once men turn 50, they seem to alter their lifestyles with one of the following purchases:

  1. a Harley-Davidson
  2. a sportscar
  3. a recumbent

Can I get an amen?

And those who fail to learn from their mistakes, dude...

Monday, August 11, 2008


Mom's birthday today. Reminder to self to call her tonight and wish her a happy 61st. She retired at 60 - can't beat that! Me thinks it's too late at this point for card or flowers, eh?

Friday, August 8, 2008

8-8-8 and DNS

It's triple-8 day! what's going on? I'm bridge clubbing after work, that's what.

And as far as DNS server crap stuff goes - I'm ready to give that a rest for now.

Enjoy the weekend and don't watch any television - go and live your own lives.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

St. Pauli Girls, air quality, and the below 200 milestone

Bit of a hazy morning, likely due to Christof's send off last night. Thanks to Matt and Dawn for the beverages last night at Cuzzy's - last seen riding off on their pair of Surly LHT's. Nice meeting the both of you - and nice fenders!

Read this article published in the Washington Post. Nice write up on using a bike as a *gasp* commuting and grocery vehicle. Although I've not yet tried the "30-packs of Bud Ice on the handlebars", I do like the suggestion - I've only gone as far as a case of 24 on the bars. A highlight of the article:
And good riddance to the 1980s' and 1990s' craze for tank-treaded, double-suspension mountain bikes. The only time you ever found yourself "off-road," dude, was on the C&O Canal towpath.
Then read this one. If I'd been training my life for this event, you're sure as hell I'd take the advice of the US Olympic Physiologist and put that thing on - no chance this track cyclist would be breathing bareback in Beijing.

In happier news, Scott is below 200 pounds! All due to a tasty "slimfast shake for breakfast, another for lunch, and a sensible meal for dinner." My mouth is watering just thinking about those shakes...

Monday, August 4, 2008

Friday's ride to the HCMC, a very long Saturday including de-flowering an awesome set of Kalloy handlebars, followed up with a Sunday brunch

Friday. Kris and I roll from work at 4pm headed for the HCMC. Had to make a few stops along the way to quench the thirst of riding in the summer heat and humidity:
bridge club

Make it to the destination 3.5 hours later. My buddy, work colleague, and fellow Mpls cyclist Steve S. is laid up in a hospital bed after taking a serious fall off his bicycle last Saturday, he'd been there a week as of our visit. He seems to have hit a manhole cover or sewer grate in the dark of night, his front wheel got caught and he flipped over his bars with no warning, landing on his face and seriously injuring his neck and head. He's gone through at least two surgeries and may need more. He's going to need a few more weeks at the hospital recovering - let's hope for the best. I've gone back to the scene of the crime, based on the description and story he gave me, but I haven't figured out exactly what happened as of yet. Be careful out there people - myself included.

Saturday. This internet isn't big enough for all the details. Let's just go with the handlebars for now.

Here's my review of the Dimension Kalloy riser bars from QBP:

don't use them. end of review.
Dimension handlebars
I'm lucky to not have broken any things in or on my body. New bars installed shortly after the incident, got another set today that I think might work out better.

Saw this on Saturday afternoon, 3pm:
this is what an alley cat start looks like

Sunday. Went to brunch and riding with Christof, he on his Birdy. Hung for a while at the CRC, talked to people, Large Feller included, later on Trevor (2nd place at the All City Champs) rides up on his new Travelers-Check with Brown Swallow:
Brown Swallow

He's only got a few miles on it so far, but the brown is a classic look, especially with all that stainless steel on the T-check. Love it.

PS - I'm now collecting Miller High Life points so as to score a delivery driver shirt. If you're not using them, email me your case codes - I might send you a sticker for your troubles. I've got 240 points, and need 7500 for the shirt - that's a mere 32 cases to go for shirt action.