Wednesday, August 13, 2008

some rims are bigger than others

best part of my day - riding around the block with Chloe on the back of the Big Dummy and her pointing over at the city park in surprise where there are two ponies, giving rides to children. the rest wasn't too bad, that was just the highlight thus far.

finished building a set of wheels tonight for Chloe's dad. you can come get them now, they're taking up space in my den, blocking access to my humidor and possibly in violation of fire code. we can talk about your choice of rims - I like mine to have a bit less of a bump in the seam, but that's me. something to look out for in rim selection, people.

let's close tonight with a selection from Neil himself. stop tainting the waste stream...

17-09-08 @ 3-rock.

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Me [LFoaB] said...


[I can only assume "The Bump" you speak of occurred after they left my possession: I checked the rims upon taking delivery of them from Lance Armstrong--when I was partying with him & Harrison Ford at Applebee's in Bloomington].