Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mary Gibney & Noah Harmon

Opening night this Saturday, December 1 at One On One Bicycle Shop / Studio / CafĂ© (map.)  Mary's shows always bring out the best in the MPLS community, make sure to get there early if you're expecting on purchasing any of the works.

Bottle Cap Blues?

There's nothing more pathetic than seeing a grown man standing around with a fresh bottle of beer in his hand, completely helpless when there isn't a "bottle opener" around.  I've long felt that just about any object can be used to open bottles, from when I was a child and used the kitchen drawer handles to open bottles of soda pop, to using a flip-flop in my twenties to open a bottle for a cute damsel in distress, to a smartphone case for home-brew in my forties, just about any old object will do.  People almost always bring up the teeth method when I bring this subject up, but that's just plain stupid.

Bottle Cap Blues from chris sumers on Vimeo.