Thursday, October 27, 2011

BMFCT - aka ???

This weekend is the HFF, or the Homie Fall Fest for those of you that fear acronyms.  Or is it synonyms, I always confused.  Since there has been little (none) mention of this event until I just manually checked the Surly Blog, we can now say there is mention of it.  It seems like it's being called the Blow Me Fall Colors Tour now, so disregard that first line up there.  Something about meating (sic(k)) at the Town Hall Tap at 11-ish, though I was told noon-ish earlier; you can never tell with this bunch.  If you miss the start, just look for group of homeless looking folks down in a nearby woods close to a body of water - even if it's not the intended crowd, try and make the most of it.  One rule of thumb to remember for those new to the event: if you don't sin, Jesus died for nothing.

This week I move on Friday, try to hit the BMFCT on Saturday for a bit, get groped by the TSA, then jump on a plane for 16-hours bound for India for a week of sleep deprivation and putting in more hours than I care to admit on the job.

Good times.  That's all I got.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Theo Wirth CX - 2011 ed.

High action at the 2011 Theo Wirth Cyclo-Cross race a week ago Sunday, October ninth.

Theo Wirth CX

This isn't the most efficient method of dismounting, but it's great for getting attention:
This is how you dismount

Check out that air:
Bunny Hop

Ted is one of the first riders to take a shot of Jameson, tended by Sister Nate, as always:
Whiskey shot taker Ted

A lot of action was seen down on the trail bottom at the winding descent and log obstacles.
Allen leads out of the logs

Until the next event, Ben, Anna, and Randall give their best:
Ben, Anna, Randall

Whole gash darn set of photos here.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

CX racing at the height of fall

Photo #1 from the Theo Wirth CX race this past Sunday - hell of a race, hell of a great day.  Here's visiting Christof posing with Melissa and Kmac down on the trail bottom.  Prost!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Phone photos from the past week or so

I picked up a 1L can of Paulaner Wiesn last night; it came packaged in a 1L stein, which made me happy. That it was not pre-chilled turned me slightly less happy, but not too much so.

Here's a shot of Roscoe (P Coltrane,) the shop dog at Hollywood Cycles.  He enjoys playing fetch with various toys, though this striped one seems to be one of his favorites.

Found this pre-packaged pack of limes at Lunds a few days ago titled 'Beer Lime.'  There are directions on the side for how to cut a lime into a wedge shape so it will fit in your bottle of beer.  Two things: you don't know how to slice a lime into a wedge, and why the hell do you want a lime in your beer?  Packaging something that grows naturally with it

This is one of my preferred non-beer beverages, the hecho en Mexico orange Fanta - this one in particular reminds me of my childhood when I cold get a soda-pop made in the USA that taste like the ones I now have to get imported. #progress

Again at Hollywood Cycles; this used to be a 54-tooth Dura-Ace chainring, which is really not useful at all in its original form.  Now this expensive piece of aluminum is acting as a chain and bash guard on this Masi.  I approve.

Here's a photo of how grease ejects out of the end of a hex nut; I'm nearly positive this was more impressive in person or with a non-cellphone camera:

Sunset on a non-frozen lake - get out there and take advantage of it!

Finally, it turns out there are a few drivers remaining that don't absolutely hate cyclists; this movie should turn the tide: