Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Phone photos from the past week or so

I picked up a 1L can of Paulaner Wiesn last night; it came packaged in a 1L stein, which made me happy. That it was not pre-chilled turned me slightly less happy, but not too much so.

Here's a shot of Roscoe (P Coltrane,) the shop dog at Hollywood Cycles.  He enjoys playing fetch with various toys, though this striped one seems to be one of his favorites.

Found this pre-packaged pack of limes at Lunds a few days ago titled 'Beer Lime.'  There are directions on the side for how to cut a lime into a wedge shape so it will fit in your bottle of beer.  Two things: you don't know how to slice a lime into a wedge, and why the hell do you want a lime in your beer?  Packaging something that grows naturally with it

This is one of my preferred non-beer beverages, the hecho en Mexico orange Fanta - this one in particular reminds me of my childhood when I cold get a soda-pop made in the USA that taste like the ones I now have to get imported. #progress

Again at Hollywood Cycles; this used to be a 54-tooth Dura-Ace chainring, which is really not useful at all in its original form.  Now this expensive piece of aluminum is acting as a chain and bash guard on this Masi.  I approve.

Here's a photo of how grease ejects out of the end of a hex nut; I'm nearly positive this was more impressive in person or with a non-cellphone camera:

Sunset on a non-frozen lake - get out there and take advantage of it!

Finally, it turns out there are a few drivers remaining that don't absolutely hate cyclists; this movie should turn the tide:

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