Monday, October 17, 2011

Theo Wirth CX - 2011 ed.

High action at the 2011 Theo Wirth Cyclo-Cross race a week ago Sunday, October ninth.

Theo Wirth CX

This isn't the most efficient method of dismounting, but it's great for getting attention:
This is how you dismount

Check out that air:
Bunny Hop

Ted is one of the first riders to take a shot of Jameson, tended by Sister Nate, as always:
Whiskey shot taker Ted

A lot of action was seen down on the trail bottom at the winding descent and log obstacles.
Allen leads out of the logs

Until the next event, Ben, Anna, and Randall give their best:
Ben, Anna, Randall

Whole gash darn set of photos here.

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