Monday, February 27, 2012

Two-cents on the Sabo bridge deal.

The Sabo bridge crossing Hiawatha Avenue at 28th Street was probably designed with the intent to handle ample loading at an infinite lifespan with minimal maintenance - I didn't design it so I cannot comment on the specifics, but basic engineering practices state that the design is at least twice as strong as any worst case scenario.

After seeing the emergency vehicles on the bridge 72-hours before the cables broke, I right away wondered to myself what the actual weight limit of the bridge is, as I've never seen a posted notice that are routinely seen on bridges designed for motor vehicles.  Heck, a lot of pedestrian and bicycle bridges have obstacles that prevent vehicles from crossing them at all.  

Note that I did not see the firetruck drive across the bridge, only approach it from the west ramp.  The police and HCMC ambulance did drive across the length of the suspension, however.  Also note that cop cars are routinely seen driving across the Sabo bridge.  The fact that the two cables snapped roughly 72 hours later is most likely a mere coincidence.  

My guess is that we will likely see failure in the construction methods; that is deviations from the original design.  See the 1981 Hyatt hotel balcony collapse that killed 114 people - though there are also much bigger issues in the Hyatt tragedy relating to communication issues between what the design engineers thought were just rough ideas and what the steel suppliers thought were final designs.  Luckily the Sabo bridge closing is merely a nuisance and not a tragedy.

Workers on Saturday shoring up the suspended section with missing cables:
Shoring up the bridge

Inspectors high at work:
Bucket brigade

A reminder of the various shots I've taken over the years of the Sabo bridge during various phases of construction and completion.  You can see that they used concrete pumpers to get concrete to the bridge span and did not park concrete trucks on the bridge itself.

That's it, let's sit back and see what the engineers find.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

SCIHFIDASDFCHC, 2012 edition

"Its the 18th annual Snowballs Chance In Hell Formula Ice Derby and Snowy Dash for Cold Hard Cash! (SCIHFIDASDFCHC) Thrills! Spills! DERBY!!, BBQ Turkey, Deer leg cook out, BYOB. EVENTS: Miss n Out. Derby..."

The racing was rubbing, which means it was racing.

We derbied on the ice, we had a relay race, we had a miss-and-out, we raced around the lake perimeter, we raced for a frozen block of money, we had no podium girl...

Wicked corners:


Permanent record:

We had 30 racers compete in the individual time trials this year.  The sun was spectacular and the ice was slick.  What more could any good natured adult want in the height of such a lame winter?

I've got nothing else to say other than I had way too many cans of Surly beer this weekend.

And goodnight, thanks to Hurl.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekend events with another new bike shop in MPLS

I've been riding by this place for a few months now and the lights are always off.  Last night I go by and the lights were on.  Today I get this announcement from Roger, a friend of the Seth, the owner:

I'm proud to announce the Minni Bike Shop Grand Opening Party!  
Stop by Saturday for some free food and PBR's ... and check out our Spring line up of State Bicycles - hot customizable bikes on sale now for $370 (regularly $420)!!!  
Who: Everybody's welcome - Feel free to forward invite
What: Minni Bike Shop Grand Opening Party
Where: 3505 23rd Ave S. (Across from Chatterbox Pub)
When: Saturday, February 18 @ 2PM - 6PM See you there or be square!

A bit later we have the Cutters Ball at 7pm put on by our friends at Handsome Cycles, Banjo Brothers, and others.  Bring a few roadies, I for one am f-ing sick of tasting PBR.

How about Friday night  you ask?  Hit up the God Came From Space show tonight at The Hexagon - free metal for all  along with Arms Aloft and The Al Grande Band.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snapshot of the women's finish - SBXV

Tight finish.

Beth Franklin (Blue) takes the title.
Christina Peck (Black) takes second.
Kate Olson (Yellow) in third.

Stupor Bowl XV

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Documenting Lake Superior

Our good friend Marlin is off on another adventure on Lake Superior.  This time he's going to "document Lake Superior through the use of field recordings, photography, writing, video, and music written during my 4-6 month long sail boat journey."

He's living the dream while the rest of us toil away at the cube life.

Godspeed Marlin, and when you're back in town, stop by the garage.

McMillan & Wife - watch for the pedestrian bunnyhop stunt

"Hey, those guys are swiping our bikes!"

Found this video the other night at OOOBS while perusing a bicycling magazine from the '70s.

Pretty sure this is where the inspiration for the Bullitt car chase came from; Rock Hudson, MASH SF superstar: