Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a sad pre-farewell to LFOAB and family

Coffee with Chloe and Large Feller

He's the only one that admits to reading this page and he therefore gets his own entry. Scott has been a good friend - he's the only one that threw me a birthday party this year - shit, for a whole lot of years; he routinely checks in with questions, advice, or just a hello; invites me over to his house; lets me help move his crap from one house to another; and allows me to babysit his daughter while he takes a nap or smokes and listens to his headphones on the patio of the CRC.

Seriously, he's a good guy and I'll miss him, Chloe, and Amy when they move off to Kansas City in the next month or two.

Make sure to say hello to him if you haven't, cuz you might be soon missing your chance.

He still won't let me touch his bike, by the way. I mean what an ass - it's only a bike.

add another non bike related post, but photography and cycling go hand in hand, in my opinion

I just got this email from The Minnesota Center for Photography. July 31st is tomorrow. I was just beginning to get the hang of the digital lab, and preparing to get back into the darkroom, after having re-started my B&W film taking. What a loss.

Dear Friends,

It is with regret that we must inform you that Minnesota Center for Photography is discontinuing business operations at the close of business on July 31st. Over the past six months we have unsuccessfully attempted to adjust our budget and, with your help, raise additional funds to pay down debt and fund continuing operations.

The Board made this decision with reluctance and after attempting whatever we could do to permit the survival of MCP.

On behalf of the many stakeholders in Minnesota Center For Photography, we thank you for your continuing interest and support of MCP’s mission over the years.

Very truly yours,

Chuck Koosmann, Co-Chair
Mark L. Wilson, Co-Chair
Truly sad.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

read about it everywhere including here

After seeing the video (warning it's violent) over the weekend, I was hoping that there was more to the story and the cop had a good reason for using excessive force in tackling cyclist Christopher Long, but it appears to come down to the old tried and true formula of a cop thinking he's above the law once again...

Story here.

Remember, there are still and video cameras all over the place and they can be used for both good and bad. It's hard to maintain your lie when you're caught on video clearly demonstrating otherwise.

[edit - on that note, read this article regarding how some cops choose to lie and how a few of them are caught with video tape that contradicts their stories.]

when in rome

Seems bike thievery-ness is a problem the world over, and it doesn't seem to make a difference who you are or what your social status might be.

Take this recent case, for example:
Someone swiped the bike of the British opposition leader, David Cameron, who happens to be a national advocate for parking that gas-guzzling automobile and pedaling instead. Mr. Cameron, the Conservative party chief, regularly commutes to work at the House of Commons by bicycle.
Here he is on video talking about "losing his old friend."

Don't worry, he got it back.

It's a good day, don't let the bike thieves stop you from riding around town. I've got 2 more days off from work and I'm taking advantage of it.

In other news, a photo of mine made The Wienery's new site - yes I did give permission for its use, this is a reminder to quit stealing my shit for your myspace photos after I've repeatedly asked you not to.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

showdown on the 29th street assaultway

So I'm riding west on the "greenway" the other night, about 1830, dodging parked cherry-pickers and the much too occasional recumbent. I see a few familiar faces, wave, smile, perhaps the occasional ring of my bell. I'm happily riding down heading to connect for a beer with my buddy Christof, fresh in town from across the Atlantic when right after crossing under the 12th Ave bridge a 3-inch (7.6cm) diameter rock flies past my head to the right. I lock up my rear wheel, spin around with my camera powered up and wait for these jack-holes to show their faces - less than a minute later some punk fuck struts south high up on the bridge - I take his photo, he ducks down and runs with his back bobbing up and down above the bridge siding - his loser buddy following him, also crouched. I track these pricks as they head back north on the 11th Ave bridge, me hopping off the "greenway" and onto city streets, lagging back 1/2 block back after having called the local po-po. 15 minutes later they're throwing rocks off the 13th Ave bridge - I finally meet the cops on Lake and 13th Ave, waving them down - they tell me they don't have time for me and they are on a call for some hoodlums over the "greenway". I persuade the cops to listen to me and direct them towards the little shits walking south down an alley towards 31st St - the whole time these assholes are looking into car windows, trying to open locked doors, kicking shit over - the usual shit for future jail occupants. I gave the cops a very detailed description of these two hooligans and by the time I caught up more than a block away the kids were on the hood of the cop car. I sat back a bit as the two freaks and I had a bit of a stare down. The one cop comes and talks to me, asks me if I was actually hit or did I see someone get hit - no, the rock flew by my head, almost hitting me - and no, I was up and out of sight as they were throwing the other rocks. The cop says there's nothing they can do as it's not illegal to throw rocks at people, only illegal if the rock gets thrown and hits said people - I tell that cop that's bullshit - he agrees. I tell the cop the next time someone throws something off a bridge intended to hurt me, it's going to hit me. I propose you take the same direction the next time this shit happens. So now I've got a nice visual of these two young caucasion hip-hop punk bitches - but they know me just as well. It's showdown time on the assaultway.

The good news is that I did get that beer with Christof, went and slammed a few more at Hurl's, went and saw The Wrexican play at Uptown Bar, was asked by Sara what I wanted to drink - me saying I'll take what you're having, which meant a few gin and tonics, and unfortunately passed out shortly thereafter after said gin and tonics hit my bloodstream. Good times were had by some.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I talk about nipples - please forgive me

Remember this night?
BFF After Party at One on One

So I built up a new rear wheel on the rouleau compresseur this afternoon - used the lame stock rear hub and a rim I had laying around along with some new spokes and a whole bunch of nipples found in the back of the CRC shop. I had my fingers all over those nipples for an hour or so - they had to be lubed and thoroughly twisted just so in order to get the job done to my satisfaction. All in all I'm quite happy with how things turned out - everything is tight and firm and I'm rolling around with a big smile once again.

Anyway, here's proof it's up and running - now please stop emailing/texting/instant messaging me asking me why my ride hasn't been seen around the town in the past few weeks:
Steamroller backinakshun

Now enough with the nipple talk and get back to work.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

bus tracking and a sweet new video

I'll take the bus a few times in the winter, when the snow hasn't been plowed or if I'm sick with a cold or flu. There are times when the bus is late or simply doesn't show up at all. Starting today, you can check the status of when the next bus will be at your stop here in the Twin Cities (that's Minneapolis and Minneapolis' largest suburb of St. Paul for you out of towners). Cool idea, but I sure as hell don't have the internet when I'm standing on the corner - iphone user-friends acquaintances, stand by for a call asking when my bus is coming.

In other news, this video just made it to the internet. I had one of those bikes - it wasn't as cool, but had a sweet banana seat;

Oh yeah, I'm back in the Mpls area - got back a few days ago. Now to fix that pesky bent rear wheel.

Party on.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I drive a Chrysler stick shift diesel all over

Who was it that fell on top of me and bent my rear wheel the other night? Anyway, that bent rear wheel caused for a wobbly ride home Sunday morning. My bars were also bent down, which was for me a bigger deal - hand position is much more important than a straight rim. Sunday evening I decided to get away from the heathenry of MPLS for a while and recover in the purity of the Italian countryside. Not a whole lot going on over here in the nightlife section,
Italy roundabout

In other news, I'm in need of a new rear rim for the Steamrolleur.

Friday, July 11, 2008

I announce my new Swallow Green Saddle with included bonus reference to my taint

Swallow Green

So a month or more back a Green Swallow from Brooks of England arrived postmarked from Italy. I mounted this saddle on my Steamroller a week or two back and have decided that I really like the feel of this thing, especially on the taint, which was getting a bit of a rather uncomfortable rubbing with a certain previous saddle.

The nice thing about this saddle, besides the price, which is about the same amount I paid for the bicycle frame it's mounted on, is that there is a serial number branded on the underside - in this case the number is 46. As there were 100 of these saddles made for the 2008 Bicycle Film Festival, mine is right inside the top half of the field, which is nice and will likely pay off for me in the near future. Perhaps this color and number make it a bit more difficult for some crafty bicycle thief to make off with this thing with hopes to succeed with it on the black market. Hopefully the chances are this thing makes its way back to me if indeed stolen.

I'll admit it got about 3 drops of water on it last night, well actually this morning at about 0330 as I rode through the sudden monsoon that hit South Minneapolis while riding home from the 1st night of the BFF. That was a serious storm, people.

11-year old Nicholas James Hagadorn

The boy who was hit and run Monday night while riding his bicycle passed away this morning. Rest in peace young man. It's just really fucking sad, isn't it?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

derby bike

Today is my Friday, so hence the 2 postings.

Is anyone else getting completely sick of seeing different renditions of single speeds? Well if not, here's one more for you. I'm sure it doesn't take long before this ride wanders off in one direction, then it's pick it up and re-center it again. Neat idea, but I'm sure it gets old pretty quick.

I'd much rather derby on a 2-wheeled single speed:


braaap out.

bicycle public art, mention of a party photo with no link, Linden's 29er, and black skies

Minneapolis Art on Wheels. Check it out at the BFF, which starts tonight - don't think I mentioned that previously.

Duffin posted a photo of me posing with Josh of Peace Coffee fame from the B-Rose party a few Saturdays ago - I look like I don't remember much of the party, which seems about right.

Did Linden get the Salsa 29'er last night? Last I saw before I left was him test riding it up Lyndale. Hmmm, the craigslist ad is gone, so he must be one bike richer at the expense of another paycheck. "How many bikes does one need?", I'm often asked. Just one more, I suppose.

In other news, it's 1:15 in the afternoon and the skies are black as night due to a severe thunderstorm passing over.

Get those fenders on, people.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

11 year old child riding a bicycle is hit and run by a pick-up truck last night

How could someone possibly hit another human being with their vehicle, make a U-turn, and drive off? Were you drunk, driving without a license, or are you simply stupid? Whatever the reason for your cowardly act, you'll get your payback.

[edit - they got the guy:

Scott County deputies stopped Hennes about 6 miles from the accident scene. As he got out of his truck, he asked the deputy "Is the kid all right?"

Randal Joseph Hennes, 40, of Prior Lake, was charged with one count of criminal vehicular injury causing great bodily harm while under the influence of alcohol, failing to stop at the scene of an accident, and third-degree drunken driving, according to the complaint filed Wednesday.


A Shakopee boy hit by a pickup truck Monday night while riding his bicycle is clinging to life this morning at Hennepin County Medical Center, said Capt. Jeff Tate of the Shakopee Police Department.

"Right now it's touchy," Tate said.

The boy, 11, was riding westbound on 17th Avenue and attempted to cross Marschall Road when he was hit by a pickup truck around 8:48 p.m. It was raining heavily at the time of the incident.

Some motorists stopped immediately to render aid and CPR to the boy, but the northbound pickup driver made a U-turn and left the scene, Tate said.

The boy, whose name has not been released, was taken to St. Francis Hospital in Shakopee and later was airlifted to Hennepin County Medical Center where he in critical condition.

Police got a description of the pickup from witnesses and put out a call to its officers and other agencies. A short time later, a Scott County Deputy stopped the driver just outside the Shakopee city limits, Tate said.

The driver, a 40-year-old Prior Lake man, was booked into the Scott County Jail for allegedly leaving the scene of an accident, criminal vehicular operation causing great bodily harm, and suspicion of third-degree drunken driving, Tate said. Authorities said alcohol might have played a role in the accident.

The busy intersection is controlled with a traffic light, and authorities are trying to determine if the boy was riding with a green light when he was hit. They also are trying to find out why he was out riding Monday night.

"His parents had told him to stay home, but he didn't," Tate said. "This was totally preventable. It's one of those tragic deals."

Monday, July 7, 2008

MPLS BFF - Get Stoked

First of all - get your festival pass before they sell out.

It all starts this Wednesday with live music at The 7th Street Entry.

Thursday the movies start with a showing of the cycling classic Breaking Away - a movie that highlights the Little 500 race, a cycling event where the riders are on "rather unusual" single gear racing bicycles - Go Cutters!

My favorite part of the fest are the short films. The first showing of these shorts is Thursday at 9pm, right after Breaking Away. After this set of shorts we'll ride to Pi for some dancing and $2 PBR tall girls - mostly $2 PBR tall girls.

Friday and Saturday the mayhem continues with more movies and after parties at the Bedlam and One on One. Get Some.

2007 BFF highlight video:

I'm taking Friday off work for this fest - it's that good.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

scavenger hunt - it's not this weekend it's next weekend

Hey all you's out there in Mpls-land:

Just wondering if sometime this next week or whenever I could get a mention on your website about the scavenger race I'm throwing during the Bicycle Film Festival. I'm sure you'll be mentioning the more about the BFF and all but if you do mention the race maybe you could link to my info about the race.

All the info can be found here:

I'm aiming for a low key fun race that anyone could do.

Seriously, if you don't go you probably wouldn't be welcome anyway. I'd go if I were you. What?

3-day weekend and long flights over the Atlantic

The big US holiday weekend is nearly upon us - a 3-day weekend for those of us lucky enough to have a job that awards it, even better if it's paid time off - something US companies are not required to do. Insert a long rant here that I decided was too cumbersome to publish on this here internet station.

In other news, I just booked my third trip to Italy in less than 9 weeks. I'm working on getting a bike over there, but the guy I met from Maine who offered to install S&S couplers for me dropped off the face of the earth. may never bear fruit for this cyclist wannabe. Anyone?