Thursday, August 27, 2009

I before E except in Budweiser

So the staff here is sitting in a bar smack dab in the middle of the somewhat fair state of Wisconsin last night, where the special is US$0.99 domestic bottled beer. Every time a (insert name of beer here) is requested, a (insert said beer name here) light derivative is opened and placed in front of us; every time. Noteworthy: college town bars get much more than their fair share of coeds of legal drinking age this time of year; remember to jot this down somewhere.

You ever have one of those days? We're just trying to imagine the father here, cause shit, it's gotta be his whole life:
photo source

Anybody been to This Is Why You're Fat? It's "where dreams become heart attacks." Shit, Hurl has got a few extra pounds, but we surely wouldn't describe him as "fat"; you can never ever go wrong with Easy Cheese, by the way.

Okay okay, one more to tide you over, but this is nearly it; the latest trend in trouser fashion. There's a pair being shipped to headquarters, you'll just have to be patient, though an unnamed source has confirmed animation on the hood as well as the trunk:

If you're in the MPLS area this weekend, you'd better be showing up to the 4th annual Freeride, hosted by our good pal, starts with a Z... something, someone... not coming to mind. We're getting out of dodge for a few days of mental health rehab, so enjoy and remember to get a full ride report in by closing.

Also, Stevil is back. Yawwwwn.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Better Off Red - proceeds go towards Anitra's medical debt

Anitra is one of the raddest and sweetest people in the entire city of MPLS; do everything you can to show up at Grumpy's NE on September 6th from 3-10pm and help pay off her medical debt through a silent auction. Also a Facebook group, holy shit!

I'd write something about the horseshit-filled colostomy bag that is the US health care system, but nothing seems to come to mind.

Comic Art Show - Opening Reception is Friday!

This in from local artist and car-free extraordinaire Andy Singer:
I [Andy Singer] am helping to put together a group show of cartoonists at FrameUps (Capstone) Gallery, at 43rd and Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis. The show will run from August 28th through September 30th. The opening reception is on Friday evening, August 28th from 6-9 pm. You are all invited! There'll be food and booze.

Participating artists are--
Kirk Anderson
Ken Avidor
Shannon Brady
Kevin Cannon
Will Dinski
Roger Lootine
Brittney Sabo
Andy Singer
David Steinlicht
Steven Stwalley

There will be original art, prints, books and mini comics for sale by all of the participants. For more info go to--

Come booze, schmooze, read comics and meet local cartoonist low-lifes!

Monday, August 24, 2009

weekend recap

Several readers have been impatiently emailing us, wanting to know how the show went last night at the Turf Club. Well, shame on you for not attending, but we know many of you were in the audience as judged by the increased growth in crowd size from last year's performance. In short, Neil Hamburger killed the place; he handled the many recent Hollywood and music industry deaths, yes including Michael Jackson, eloquantly and with dignity and respect, and yet still bringing laughs and smiles to the crowd, in a manner only Mr. Hamburger can. Unfortunately, being a stand-up comedian means you occasionally have to deal with a stray heckler in the crowd; it's a true mark of professionalism at how this experienced stage performer calmly and professionally took the situation under control, quelling the obviously drunken and likely homeless woman into remorse for her unjustified and unprovoked outburst. Being the good sport he is, Neil even allowed the deranged woman to stay and appreciate his mastery for the remaining show; as we understand it at press time, legal charges will not be filed.

During a brief conversation with Neil after the show we expressed hope that he would be back again in the MPLS area next year, he assuredly calmed our nerves with a simple "oh, I'll be back." Until then we'll have to settle listening to the various Neil Hamburger comedy albums, one of course being the 7-inch souvenir single acquired and autographed on last year's tour; we count ourselves blessed.

In full disclosure, the Russian judge did score Mr. Hamburger a disappointing 4.0, but we believe that to be the result of a previous disagreement over an unpaid Domino's pizza receipt; charges are pending in this case and neither was available for further comment.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tornadoes and shit

Phil took a bunch of photos of this afternoon's tornado(es) damage in S. MPLS and it went and got put up in the City Pages. The cops showed up, not clear how many people they kicked the shit out of during clean up efforts.

liposuction gone awry

Or in Gene-O's case, a punctured lung while riding through the woods; get well soon sir. Or is this a picture of Nate's baby?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Super Bridge Club Recap

So the Super Bridge Club ride went off exceedingly well, with riders showing up in record numbers, by my tabulations. We visited many a bridge, some having the honour of NRHP listing, some over dried creeks, concrete constructed, even wood a few times; we crossed the Mighty Missisip twice, even managed to fit in a private bridge crossing. All in all this bridge ride was bridgetaculous.

In addition to Sov's hat, a further hats off goes out to ride organizers: Nate made it to the ride just hours after his wife having delivered their first (and only) child; Nick of course for leading the way and managing to remember where the stashed coolers of sandwiches and drinks lay in waiting; the bridge engineer didn't show up, something about kids or dogs or parachute pants, I didn't hear the whole story and was too busy eating one of Brian's frozen treats to let it fully soak in:
Ice Cream Bicycle

I've been to this (now closed) bridge many a time but never with this many friendly comrades. Many a friendly passerby stopped and accepted the offer of food and drink; like being in church, but better; much better.
bridge club record

Then a brief rain delay. Fear not the rain, a bridge is useful for more than just crossing the river!
rain delay

A select group of riders made it to the finish, right where we started nary 9-hours previous.

The ride went without a hitch. Well, minus that old man pointing his finger at the pack while standing in the middle of the (pedestrian) path, screaming "assholes, read the sign, you don't belong here!" Then there was that time Fiona broke her front wheel and had to hitch a ride on the back of Grayboy's big dummy. Oh, and when Kevin face planted a concrete park bench at high speed on a St. Paul downhill. Then the downpour. And I'm not even going to mention the robot walker. Like I said, without a hitch; mainly.

3 more pics here.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Freeride 4; now even better!

Note the new date and updated times. It's good to be in the MPLS, unfortunately I won't be; enjoy.

note - in lieu of being issued an official flyer, this is the best I could do in quick notice. My apologies to Roger and the chimp.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I need to find me some of that Xtra beer

It's gets bigger; click it, read it, then show up to it. A bit of a pre-Freeride, and you're invited!

update - there are no scheduled bar or restaurant stops on this ride other than the start/finish, so ride organizers say to pack a lunch and beverage of choice.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

things found while slowly browsing MPLS on my bike

is blogger acting all funny? I say yes.

Anywhoo, I found this very large mural by our local 27 last weekend; returned today with a color camera. Anybody else seen this one? Not painted over yet, see it while you can, 26th St between Pleasant and Pillsbury.

27 - detail of a much larger piece

Thursday, August 6, 2009

bikes, beer, something something - be there

Noren of Peacock Groove is presenting this handbuilt bicycle show right here in the MPLS. You know what to do.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009