Monday, August 17, 2009

Super Bridge Club Recap

So the Super Bridge Club ride went off exceedingly well, with riders showing up in record numbers, by my tabulations. We visited many a bridge, some having the honour of NRHP listing, some over dried creeks, concrete constructed, even wood a few times; we crossed the Mighty Missisip twice, even managed to fit in a private bridge crossing. All in all this bridge ride was bridgetaculous.

In addition to Sov's hat, a further hats off goes out to ride organizers: Nate made it to the ride just hours after his wife having delivered their first (and only) child; Nick of course for leading the way and managing to remember where the stashed coolers of sandwiches and drinks lay in waiting; the bridge engineer didn't show up, something about kids or dogs or parachute pants, I didn't hear the whole story and was too busy eating one of Brian's frozen treats to let it fully soak in:
Ice Cream Bicycle

I've been to this (now closed) bridge many a time but never with this many friendly comrades. Many a friendly passerby stopped and accepted the offer of food and drink; like being in church, but better; much better.
bridge club record

Then a brief rain delay. Fear not the rain, a bridge is useful for more than just crossing the river!
rain delay

A select group of riders made it to the finish, right where we started nary 9-hours previous.

The ride went without a hitch. Well, minus that old man pointing his finger at the pack while standing in the middle of the (pedestrian) path, screaming "assholes, read the sign, you don't belong here!" Then there was that time Fiona broke her front wheel and had to hitch a ride on the back of Grayboy's big dummy. Oh, and when Kevin face planted a concrete park bench at high speed on a St. Paul downhill. Then the downpour. And I'm not even going to mention the robot walker. Like I said, without a hitch; mainly.

3 more pics here.

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