Monday, August 24, 2009

weekend recap

Several readers have been impatiently emailing us, wanting to know how the show went last night at the Turf Club. Well, shame on you for not attending, but we know many of you were in the audience as judged by the increased growth in crowd size from last year's performance. In short, Neil Hamburger killed the place; he handled the many recent Hollywood and music industry deaths, yes including Michael Jackson, eloquantly and with dignity and respect, and yet still bringing laughs and smiles to the crowd, in a manner only Mr. Hamburger can. Unfortunately, being a stand-up comedian means you occasionally have to deal with a stray heckler in the crowd; it's a true mark of professionalism at how this experienced stage performer calmly and professionally took the situation under control, quelling the obviously drunken and likely homeless woman into remorse for her unjustified and unprovoked outburst. Being the good sport he is, Neil even allowed the deranged woman to stay and appreciate his mastery for the remaining show; as we understand it at press time, legal charges will not be filed.

During a brief conversation with Neil after the show we expressed hope that he would be back again in the MPLS area next year, he assuredly calmed our nerves with a simple "oh, I'll be back." Until then we'll have to settle listening to the various Neil Hamburger comedy albums, one of course being the 7-inch souvenir single acquired and autographed on last year's tour; we count ourselves blessed.

In full disclosure, the Russian judge did score Mr. Hamburger a disappointing 4.0, but we believe that to be the result of a previous disagreement over an unpaid Domino's pizza receipt; charges are pending in this case and neither was available for further comment.

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