Wednesday, March 31, 2010

...they'll have a lot more than a plane to contend with...

We do the news reading from time to time, and to help us bring in some headlines often times look at the page. There was a headline right up on the top titled "The Constitution: Another Victim of Obamacare" and we decided to do the click. Skimming through a few of the first paragraphs, it appears to be a tea-party blog of some sort, thought it a bit strange to be up on the google news site. Scanned down at a few of the comments before this one stuck out like an FBI raid in a trailer park:

Did you read that!? The whole thing? The first sentence sums up the rest of the intimidation pretty straightforward, no real reason to continue on after that.

In other news, just because you can pass a bicyclist doesn't mean you have to.

Also, tonight at the Triple Rock: High on Fire, Priestess, Black Cobra, and Bison BC; you should totally go.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Track Krash

Dalila Rodriguez Hernandez of Cuba crashes during the Womens Points Race final the UCI Track Cykling World Championships in Ballerup Super Arena near Copenhagen March 28, 2010.

From Reuters.

More on the championship here.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


We've spent the past week and a half or so getting gradually getting sicker over a damn deep chest respiratory thing that even included a visit to the Urgent Care clinic when we would have on a healthier day been checking into the Slick-69. So we're at the front counter getting through the initial check-in, signing a paper that approves billing the insurance company and sending bills to our place of residence; "how much is this visit going to cost?" we ask genuinely. "We don't do billing here," the man behind the counter answers. "What do you mean?" This means they can't tell us how much the visit is going to cost because that portion of the puzzle is done far away. So you go buy a gallon of milk, swipe your card, and a month later find out how much it costs you? That's not the way shit works, at least if you had any sense of choice in the matter, especially after you find out after the fact that one store sells that same gallon of milk for 3-bucks while another store sells it for 130-bucks.

Anyway, the healthcare bill just passed in the US House, not that we're done yet, but here is what it means to you and the rest of us as soon as when the bill gets signed into law.

Now if we could only get some sleep at night with this goddamn cough.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Slick 50 is on

2010 will be a good year, we can just taste it.

Further details, though the flyer speaks for itself.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

memories of the Portland trip

Back in Portland a few weeks ago, we stopped in on the downtown Voodoo Doughnut locale for a quick pick-me-up. Sampled the Cap'n Crunch covered item in the back there; more of a novelty than something we'd go back for, but kudos for their 24-hour service, the place was packed even in the rainy early afternoon.

Which reminds us of the immensely delicious pies at Random Order Coffeehouse over on Alberta. Is there even a place in the MPLS that offers such delicious made from scratch offerings? So far we haven't found its equal. Pictured below is a slice of organic banana cream pie served with a cup of Stumptown coffee. We can't get over it.
The Slick-66 spring classik is coming up on the 20th - best be ready, which for you includes putting some fenders on.

Monday, March 1, 2010