Sunday, March 21, 2010


We've spent the past week and a half or so getting gradually getting sicker over a damn deep chest respiratory thing that even included a visit to the Urgent Care clinic when we would have on a healthier day been checking into the Slick-69. So we're at the front counter getting through the initial check-in, signing a paper that approves billing the insurance company and sending bills to our place of residence; "how much is this visit going to cost?" we ask genuinely. "We don't do billing here," the man behind the counter answers. "What do you mean?" This means they can't tell us how much the visit is going to cost because that portion of the puzzle is done far away. So you go buy a gallon of milk, swipe your card, and a month later find out how much it costs you? That's not the way shit works, at least if you had any sense of choice in the matter, especially after you find out after the fact that one store sells that same gallon of milk for 3-bucks while another store sells it for 130-bucks.

Anyway, the healthcare bill just passed in the US House, not that we're done yet, but here is what it means to you and the rest of us as soon as when the bill gets signed into law.

Now if we could only get some sleep at night with this goddamn cough.


Sara said...

get better.

Sara said...

just found this out. my health insurance provider doesn't cover "conditions resulting from a riot, civil disobedience, nuclear explosion or nuclear accident" among 68 other general scenarios (including the need for eyeglasses).