Wednesday, March 31, 2010

...they'll have a lot more than a plane to contend with...

We do the news reading from time to time, and to help us bring in some headlines often times look at the page. There was a headline right up on the top titled "The Constitution: Another Victim of Obamacare" and we decided to do the click. Skimming through a few of the first paragraphs, it appears to be a tea-party blog of some sort, thought it a bit strange to be up on the google news site. Scanned down at a few of the comments before this one stuck out like an FBI raid in a trailer park:

Did you read that!? The whole thing? The first sentence sums up the rest of the intimidation pretty straightforward, no real reason to continue on after that.

In other news, just because you can pass a bicyclist doesn't mean you have to.

Also, tonight at the Triple Rock: High on Fire, Priestess, Black Cobra, and Bison BC; you should totally go.

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Miguel said...

I like the comment that suggests that if they don't want HCR, then get rid of Medicare and Medicaid. It really is the same thing, only it's just for the elderly. These people are paying taxes to take care of the health of the elderly.

It just shows that the right's opposition is not based on arguments, it's based on sheer opposition and nothing else.