Tuesday, July 29, 2008

when in rome

Seems bike thievery-ness is a problem the world over, and it doesn't seem to make a difference who you are or what your social status might be.

Take this recent case, for example:
Someone swiped the bike of the British opposition leader, David Cameron, who happens to be a national advocate for parking that gas-guzzling automobile and pedaling instead. Mr. Cameron, the Conservative party chief, regularly commutes to work at the House of Commons by bicycle.
Here he is on video talking about "losing his old friend."

Don't worry, he got it back.

It's a good day, don't let the bike thieves stop you from riding around town. I've got 2 more days off from work and I'm taking advantage of it.

In other news, a photo of mine made The Wienery's new site - yes I did give permission for its use, this is a reminder to quit stealing my shit for your myspace photos after I've repeatedly asked you not to.

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