Wednesday, July 30, 2008

add another non bike related post, but photography and cycling go hand in hand, in my opinion

I just got this email from The Minnesota Center for Photography. July 31st is tomorrow. I was just beginning to get the hang of the digital lab, and preparing to get back into the darkroom, after having re-started my B&W film taking. What a loss.

Dear Friends,

It is with regret that we must inform you that Minnesota Center for Photography is discontinuing business operations at the close of business on July 31st. Over the past six months we have unsuccessfully attempted to adjust our budget and, with your help, raise additional funds to pay down debt and fund continuing operations.

The Board made this decision with reluctance and after attempting whatever we could do to permit the survival of MCP.

On behalf of the many stakeholders in Minnesota Center For Photography, we thank you for your continuing interest and support of MCP’s mission over the years.

Very truly yours,

Chuck Koosmann, Co-Chair
Mark L. Wilson, Co-Chair
Truly sad.


Me [LFoaB] said...

Photography as Hobby... same as Car Collectors & Wine Snobs.

Let go of the dream, Ansel.


bridget said...