Tuesday, July 22, 2008

bus tracking and a sweet new video

I'll take the bus a few times in the winter, when the snow hasn't been plowed or if I'm sick with a cold or flu. There are times when the bus is late or simply doesn't show up at all. Starting today, you can check the status of when the next bus will be at your stop here in the Twin Cities (that's Minneapolis and Minneapolis' largest suburb of St. Paul for you out of towners). Cool idea, but I sure as hell don't have the internet when I'm standing on the corner - iphone user-friends acquaintances, stand by for a call asking when my bus is coming.

In other news, this video just made it to the internet. I had one of those bikes - it wasn't as cool, but had a sweet banana seat;

Oh yeah, I'm back in the Mpls area - got back a few days ago. Now to fix that pesky bent rear wheel.

Party on.

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