Thursday, July 24, 2008

I talk about nipples - please forgive me

Remember this night?
BFF After Party at One on One

So I built up a new rear wheel on the rouleau compresseur this afternoon - used the lame stock rear hub and a rim I had laying around along with some new spokes and a whole bunch of nipples found in the back of the CRC shop. I had my fingers all over those nipples for an hour or so - they had to be lubed and thoroughly twisted just so in order to get the job done to my satisfaction. All in all I'm quite happy with how things turned out - everything is tight and firm and I'm rolling around with a big smile once again.

Anyway, here's proof it's up and running - now please stop emailing/texting/instant messaging me asking me why my ride hasn't been seen around the town in the past few weeks:
Steamroller backinakshun

Now enough with the nipple talk and get back to work.

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