Monday, August 4, 2008

Friday's ride to the HCMC, a very long Saturday including de-flowering an awesome set of Kalloy handlebars, followed up with a Sunday brunch

Friday. Kris and I roll from work at 4pm headed for the HCMC. Had to make a few stops along the way to quench the thirst of riding in the summer heat and humidity:
bridge club

Make it to the destination 3.5 hours later. My buddy, work colleague, and fellow Mpls cyclist Steve S. is laid up in a hospital bed after taking a serious fall off his bicycle last Saturday, he'd been there a week as of our visit. He seems to have hit a manhole cover or sewer grate in the dark of night, his front wheel got caught and he flipped over his bars with no warning, landing on his face and seriously injuring his neck and head. He's gone through at least two surgeries and may need more. He's going to need a few more weeks at the hospital recovering - let's hope for the best. I've gone back to the scene of the crime, based on the description and story he gave me, but I haven't figured out exactly what happened as of yet. Be careful out there people - myself included.

Saturday. This internet isn't big enough for all the details. Let's just go with the handlebars for now.

Here's my review of the Dimension Kalloy riser bars from QBP:

don't use them. end of review.
Dimension handlebars
I'm lucky to not have broken any things in or on my body. New bars installed shortly after the incident, got another set today that I think might work out better.

Saw this on Saturday afternoon, 3pm:
this is what an alley cat start looks like

Sunday. Went to brunch and riding with Christof, he on his Birdy. Hung for a while at the CRC, talked to people, Large Feller included, later on Trevor (2nd place at the All City Champs) rides up on his new Travelers-Check with Brown Swallow:
Brown Swallow

He's only got a few miles on it so far, but the brown is a classic look, especially with all that stainless steel on the T-check. Love it.

PS - I'm now collecting Miller High Life points so as to score a delivery driver shirt. If you're not using them, email me your case codes - I might send you a sticker for your troubles. I've got 240 points, and need 7500 for the shirt - that's a mere 32 cases to go for shirt action.


Me [LFoaB] said...

To caption the fotos [in order]:

#1. Cool

#2. Bad

#3 "Sale on imitation Deep V's in Neon Green powdercoat, aisle 1"

#4 Bad-Ass

That is all...


chris alme said...

As High Life is the champagne of choice at all vikings home game tailgates, I'll be sure to grab the codes and send 'em friends and I seem to drink more than our fair share of High Life during football season...

matt duffin said...

If that's how you "deflower" handlebars, all I can say is ladies, watch out!

B Rose said...

SLANDER!! Liable!!!

That was a Kalloy bar, not a Dimension bar!!!

LIES, Lies, lies!!!