Friday, January 2, 2009

it's 2009. happy 2009 to you.

So I think people do end of year lists. I haven't seen any as I am a bit out of the loop, but I'll take the time to throw out what I think.

My 3 favorite record albums of the year 2008, in no particular order, and not really the top 3 of the year, more like 3 that I've been listening to lately.
  1. Fleet Foxes - self titled. I missed them play at Haldern this year but have my ticket for 2009 - though I doubt they'll show 2 years in a row. My suggestion to you: pick up the vinyl - it comes with the album, the EP, and the whole shebang on mp3 for the price of the compact disc - who the hell buys CD's anymore anyway? Take a listen.
  2. Blitzen Trapper - Furr. Country rock band out of Portland, Oregon. Playing at the Cedar in February. Title track here. Good as it gets. Hurl, I still have your cd - you left it here so don't complain.
  3. Willie Nelson - Moment of Forever. Come on, it's Willie playing outlaw country. Some have said the album is depressing when they hear me play it - thanks for trying to ruin it for me.
OK - now that that's over let's move on to some resolutions for the new year:
  1. Drink more.
  2. Perhaps ride my bike the same or more.
  3. Build myself a turntable.
  4. Spend less time riding the midtown assaultway, as my primary resolution is to simply survive for one more year.
  5. Stop being such an asshole to people.
  6. Quit listening to the current. You started out promising and with a hint of sparkle in your eyes, but now it's the same old crap the other commercial stations do, minus of course the incredibly obnoxious commercials. Is it possible to play more than 7 different songs? How about losing the accent, Mark? It's back home to Radio K for me.
Hey Large Feller, send me your address - I've got a gift put together for Chloe. Oh, and I don't read your blog, so don't put messages for me there. Well there goes #5.

That's all I've got. Hope to see you out and about.


TOMMY GUN said...

who's fucking complaining? I told you to go listen to it on nĂ¼ years day, since you rebuffed my advances in going for a NY Day ride, you fuckin' asshole...Large Fella, leave any comments for me, here, too....

Mpls Chick said...

hush now, No one is trying to ruin anything.