Friday, January 30, 2009

stupor weekend

That time of year again. I'll be riding behind the police motorcycle escort to reduce the wind and to clear me through all intersections, or would drafting disqualify the rider from an alley cat? Seems not.

If'n you're in need of any tips on riding the race, read up on Safety Commissioner Brad's advice:
As for safety or police issues, [Brad] Emery says it's a matter of being responsible adults. Riders are expected to follow traffic laws, and to not drink more than they can handle.
Uh huh.

Good luck, I'll be watching from the sidelines while my broken rib heals up. Another few weeks or so and I'll again be jumping over snow piles with the best of them.

And this just in - Larger Faller sends me a message saying he's coming back to the Mpls. Just a heads up to give you time to move, and you know who you are. Get on it.

Rock and roll.

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