Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday is still the new Friday, right?

So I was going to do a taste test comparison of the Bells 2-hearted and the Hop Slammer tonight, but it seems that after about 6-8 drinks the taste buds come down to the 2-hearted being quite satisfying, then the Hop Slam completely devastating the buds with its aroma of a ripe and sweaty t-shirt - but a complete taste sensation nonetheless! What surprised me was the head on the 2hearted being so much chunkier and fuller than the HS - as seen in photo, which was taken with the aid of IKEA lighting. Yeah, I know.

Bottom line is that they're charging way too damn much for the hopslam - twice as much for the same quantify as compared to the 2-hearted. Better yet, buy a case of High Life and get some sweet points and send them to me - I've got a cool delivery shirt, but don't quite have enough for the fleece to stay warm, which would be appreciated right now.

So while I attempt to enjoy a beverage or two, and in this case two, businesses are cutting jobs at a feverish pace. One minute people are waving their US flags out their SUV windows in support of whatever cause requires that to take place, the next they're trampling over each other to see who can fire staff fast enough to save their bottom dollar in the interests of corporate salvation. Let's not forget that without a job you can't have health insurance - so if you or your spouse or family member has say, cancer, diabetes, or anything else that isn't blonde hair and blue eyes, you're shit out of luck getting continued coverage, assuming you can afford it without that job you just got lost of. COBRA wasn't engineered to be cheap, people. Talk is cheap, but if you need insurance and can't afford it, it's the rich that live long and prosper.

As these U.S. companies lay off their workers in the interest of wall street profits, I stop enough to say you're nothing more than dirty, backstabbing, uninsightful, and this is gonna hurt - unpatriotic Americans. Patriotism and capitalism - those are two schools of thought that don't overlap during a recession, or dare I say what is turning into a depression? You heard it here first. Don't worry, it won't be official until after it's over.

But at least it's all going to get better on the near horizon, right? Oh shit, I guess not so much - but we can laugh about it now, because it's like - "it's not us that's gotta deal with it" - am I right?! Heyoh!

On the bit of a happier finish; I just ordered one of these units. I'm thinking that if I'm gonna be walking on a treadmill anyway, I ought to be getting somewhere. So I'm standing by with my indoor trainer ready for when it arrives - cause it's cold out but mostly because I'm not into my neighbors stalking me while I get my exercise on - isn't that what Facebook is for?

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