Monday, January 12, 2009

like snot on a doorknob

In the good words of my father, the streets have been "slicker than snot on a doorknob" the past few days. I was riding last night and had my first just-riding-along-not-fucking-around fall of the year. The bike was out from under me fast fast fast. I landed on my already injured starboard knee - A bit of get up and go is what I gave it, and it gave me back a night of no more falls.

Anybody go to OOOBS last night? There was a nice turnout, considering the season. You just don't see certain people very often this time of year, and last night was a good chance to play catch up with some friends who've been in social hibernation. Those in attendance got to participate in a bit of gumball roulette as well as seeing the newly built Hatcher on display:

A bit of back alley snow antics were sure to follow. I decided to sit this one out as my body is in the state of ache. Please sit back and enjoy what was about six riders, though Linden dominates here - in quantity only, I can be sure.
Linden and B-rad heading dowwwn-town

B-rad and K-mac


Folsom Prison Linden

This photo turned up on my camera the other day. Thanks to Hurl for making sure a few winks didn't go undocumented. As long as word of this doesn't get out...

Oh, and Butler is back from his extended vacation. Welcome back sir, welcome back.

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