Saturday, June 21, 2008

Teenwolf rides a bike, aloha shirts, Hennepin Ave mayhem, and a Dee Snyder mention

I steered Marlin as he surfed on the deck of his 20" Big Dummy Friday evening. It was the first day of summer and a Friday, so it was Aloha shirt day for me - two guys ready for a night on the town!

What else? Riding home southbound downtown on Hennepin - haven't had so many close calls in such a short time period in a while. A woman runs through traffic and directly in front of us in the middle of the block to catch a just-stopped cab - we shout out and nearly collide with her - the cabbie yells "don't run over my customer," before she yells "I'm a pedestrian and have the right of way." A La Mexicana Express minivan, number 086, phone 612-788-1226 veers directly into my path on the bike lane to overtake another vehicle, the driver of this cab throws a bottle of water at another car who honked at him as I chase this guy down, taking photos and telling him that I know where he lives. And what's up with all the cop vehicles stopped (parked) on the downtown bike lanes? It's more than one can shake a stick at - I'm just saying, cause I think it's a good idea they're doing it.

And check out the Dee Snyder Big Dummy build - turn it up, way up, and proudly show your horns:

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