Wednesday, June 4, 2008

another fugitive bicyclist

Up here in Minnesota, they are closing bridges left and right just in case there's another potential I-35W disaster waiting in the shadows of an underfunded and under-engineered infrastructure. The latest is the Mississippi river crossing down in Winona.
The sudden closing of a vital Mississippi River bridge connecting southeastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin has many commuters upset this morning, and a bicyclist who crossed that bridge when he came to it is now a fugitive.
One bicyclist this morning ignored the closure and scooted into Wisconsin, Brand said, adding, "When he comes back, he'll probably be arrested."
Cyclist guy, find a different route tonight - or better yet, stay in Wisconsin - you can buy beer there on Sunday.

But seriously, let the cyclist cross the damn bridge and let us buy beer on Sunday.


Jim Thill said...

This just goes to show the inherent subversive nature of bicycles and underscores the need for bicycle registration and background checks.

Unknown said...

This post was almost as entertaining as Jims reply. Po-Po are closing roads around the city of Des Moines as of yesterday and today...Teri and I are going around the baricades....and they can kiss my ass! I miss my Dark Star buddy...your top photo put him in memory for the day. Ole' CVO is good times:)