Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mark Loesch Memorial Silent Auction

Imaginary Bags closing party at One on One this Saturday - 7pm. The Haves Have It will be playing, who of course kick total ass nine different ways.

All proceeds benefit the Mark Loesch memorial fund, so get there and put a few bids down on some sweet looking one of a kind messenger bags - I saw them a few days ago and take it from me, you want one, but do it because you want to put some good money down for Mark.

Bags designed by Adam West, Aleksandra Stancevic, Amy C., Katherine Lamm, Mary Fallon, Nicki McCracken, Sarah Nelson Forss, and Steve Smith.

If you see me, buy me a beer and give me a hug, but I won't be there - I'll be in Hinckley that night for the MS-300 ride.

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