Monday, June 2, 2008

Last Saturday's Wine Ride

About 33 riders made it from Chaska to Jordan and back to tour the Crofut Winery. Thanks to those of you (me) that rode with me from Mpls to Chaska to extend the length of the ride by more than a factor of 2. The ride was full of fun people, rode alongside a sweet Seven Muse titanium touring bike, for some reason got myself a helmet before the ride, got a flat on the way back, enjoyed the beautiful country terrain and weather, had a blast at the post-ride bbq and drink event, derbied for about 3 hours in the shop, sat out the freak storm inside the wine shop, enjoyed time at Alisen and Ben's house, you know - the usual stuff...

Thanks to Dan from Dolce Vita wine shop, Don at Crofut, the crew at Get Your Gear for ride support, and to all you who rode along - along with the good times was me soaring past the $1000 point for MS research.

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