Friday, June 20, 2008

Bike jackery, heathenry, and skewer jackery

So The Heathen had his bicycle stolen a week or so back - I like to think he gave it away, but let's not get into that so late in the game. I'd post a photo of his old bike, but I never got one. You've surely seen it, a black cross-check, blue Fizzik handlebar tape, single-speed, all the usual shit.

Out with the old, in with the new, they say:
Gazelle single speed

Check out that custom headbadge - it's aluminum for added lightness and corrosion resistance:

So don't go and steal that bike, kind readers.

OK, so I'm off at the Mill City Museum last night for a bit of live music action. My partner in beer bolting (and later margarita mouthing) and I come out of said museum, unlock our rides, and low and behold one of our wheels falls to the ground - somebody f-ing jacked a front skewer! So it's a walk to the dock at 1/1 for a skewer replacement in exchange for a beer drop and friendly conversation. We made the best of the worst and it all turned out quite right.

Here Megan and Karna relax after a resupply of cold beverage. Thanks to you both for sticking around after hours.
on the dock

So get out there and enjoy the day, it's summer!

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