Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Monday is the new Friday, then I mention the French

Monday is indeed the new Friday; this holds true whether I'm in Minneapolis or abroad, in this particular Monday, Leuven, where I'm now recognized at two bars. One of these bars is at the hotel, where Bram believes I am Moby, and this time lent me his CD - I've never heard of the guy, but I ensured him I was absolutely the gentleman in question. Bram directed me to another locale where they boast of having 65 different whiskies available. My liver was unable to completely verify this claim, but I ensure you I did get a good start. While visiting this whiskey bar, I read a quote from Henry Youngman:

When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.

Then I look at my watch, it's 3am as I stroll by "The Fonz". He's always looking good, even with the ocular cavities the way they are - empty, which I believe was stylish at the time.
Fons Sapientiae

So the next day I find myself in Lyon, giving a presentation in a hot and stuffy conference room - the outside temperature being 32C. About 90-minutes into me talking, it occured to me what was out of place in this room, other than it being stiffling hot - could they have offered me a glass of water - Evian, Perrier? I certainly think so. Rude bastards.

That's all I got.


burnt said...

It appears you have moved on but when you return to Leuven:,+Belgium&fb=1&li=lmd&msa=0&ll=50.881052,4.702148&spn=0.009084,0.018797&z=16&msid=113920366315358246749.000450951a9df626cbb35

shows you the approximate location of what my cousin and her fiance refer to as "The Chicken Man" which is a hole in the wall restaurant specializing in roasted chicken (duh). You must eat there. Frites are great but the chicken in Leuven is better.

If you are looking for a guide shoot me an email and I'll put you in contact with Thomas. He enjoys introducing people to the wonders of the chicken man.

Marco Esteban said...

I might take you up on the guide, although I'm not a chicken eating type of person. Let's discuss at the next opportunity.