Saturday, March 28, 2009

twiggy, then off to some good christian family values including glory holes and circuit parties

here's a photo of Twiggy just sent my way; she'd be way hotter without the engine, but I'm always biased that way.

Switching some major gears here, but while driving through Iowa yesterday, I luckily tuned into AFA radio - holy crap can they possibly cram more hate speech into a single hour? Perhaps, but they've got one hell of a high bar set.

The good hypocritical christians spent most of the hour expressing their disbelief that the same network that brings you the "fair Fox news" (their words) could possibly spew out this horribly offensive bile, and during family programming time at that! See, this radio show doesn't mind if you're gay, as long as you don't expect any rights; nor do they mind so much if you were to commit suicide, being gay and all. And dang if they aren't pushing their listeners to watch this episode, which of course is linked on their site; doesn't this almost always result in higher sales and viewer-ship than if they had ignored it completely? I smell a backfire.

From their site:
In this perverted episode:

  • Peter, the husband/father figure, turns gay after taking an experimental shot of the gay gene. He was paid $125 to take part of this experiment to prove that being gay is not a choice.
  • Peter and his new lover make out in a restaurant.
  • The lover tells Peter he has arranged an 11-way gay orgy.
  • Peter helps his son with his math homework and turns the problem into an explicit conversation about “glory holes” and “circuit parties,” which are references to gay sex.
  • Peter leaves his son Chris in charge of the family while he spends time with his gay partner. Upon his new role, Chris immediately passes gas in his sister’s face and knocks out his mother, Lois.
  • Peter lies in bed with his rear exposed and moans in pleasure when a horse, which he assumes is his wife, licks his rear.
  • Lois, wearing skimpy lingerie, is turned down by her now gay husband.
  • Their child, Baby Stewie, eats cereal covered with horse sperm that resembled milk kept in the refrigerator.
  • Ready? Of course you are, it's because it's hilarious!

    I've never seen this show, but I think it's high time I get a season or two going, and soon.


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    Anonymous said...

    Blogger Wheels said...

    One of my favorite episodes, this show knows no limits. Vile, isn't it.

    As for the American Freestyle Association (AFA), they have deep Iowa roots with Rick Moliterno being a corn shucker and all - didn't realize freestylers were such fundamentalist... and that they have they're own radio show. That's rad!

    Rick Video on Vimeo