Monday, March 9, 2009

daylight savings is crap

One year ago I took this photo of my then new steamrolleur. I've since changed the saddle, broke the handlebars, and swapped the wheels. It's my favorite ride; perfect for year-round usage.
steamroller on forklift

Today's comedy clip and STD awareness training comes courtesy of lovely Kristin. I lol'd.

Oh, and it's Doppelgänger. I apologize for the previous typo - I was a bit startled at the automatic shift in time, though I knew quite well it was coming. Living in Hawai'i was beautiful, and there's the whole lack of participation in the government clock control program on the island chain, which is nice. Living in the MPLS would be nicer if we would do the same and refuse to take part in this crazy system put together by the liberal megalomaniac time scientists.

That's it. Get back to work.

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