Friday, March 20, 2009

Forecast Calls for Slick

Big ride tomorrow, one of my favorites of the year nonetheless. If you're looking to watch my ass get handed to me on a paper plate, stop by and get a photo; though it will cost you a beer, two if it ends up on the internet. And for breakfast, I recommend the cranberry sauce.

Last year:
Slick-50 night stop

I was looking at some old photos the other night and came across a few from the Navy days, including this one take from somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean enroute from Brisbane to Pearl Harbor:
Pacific Crossing
While we were only up on the surface a handful of times, I always tried to sneak up there for a bit of fresh air - it's one of the better memories I keep. Even better when the Captain would order an all stop in the middle of the Pacific and let us jump off the side for a swim call. Good times, so thankful it's only a memory now.

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