Friday, March 6, 2009

Don't forget to adjust your clocks this weekend

Saturday night - go to this art opening at 1/1. I met Mary a few weeks ago; she's all right and the weather is going to be bright, you've got no reason to stay home now, do you?
The ArtCrank show will be opening at the same location on four April with some of the (yawn) same artists we've seen during the first two shows, though the artist list is a bit longer this year so we hope that makes up for the repeats. Though I have to admit not seeing most (any) of the posters last year, as the keg seemed to keep my full attention on the back dock. This editorial board would like to see more acceptance of Amy C.'s work, as she was unscrupulously booted out of this and last year's show.

Linden, with all the camping emails in the inbox, we've gone ahead and ordered this for you. Expect delivery to be forthcoming.

We never did understand treadmills, especially why somebody would want to pay money to go to a gym to walk in a fixed place with headphones on while watching some shit television show. This happy footed gentleman goes down twice in the comfort of his buddy's home; damn we only wish it was a few seconds longer:

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