Tuesday, March 17, 2009

all of a sudden it's nice out

So last week it's below 0F; today it's in the high 60's (19C). I'm walking the dog around the block this evening, as I do several times a day, but this time something is different - there are people all over the place! Some are walking their dogs, some are just walking, carrying groceries, riding their (fender-less) bicycles (through stop signs), riding their noise ordinance violating motorcycles, you get the idea. My question is why I don't see a single person during the winter months while footing around the neighborhood? My perception is that people sit inside their homes watching television, waiting for warmer weather. I want to be wrong, but what else are people doing? You can ride your bike all year round - it's fun! Shit, winter can be amazing - not just special events but everyday! If you're that damn miserable it's time to think about moving to someplace that provides for happier settings.

So my March resolution is to have fewer drinking related posts. But it's true they're just beginning to clean up after Saturday night:

So yes, go get outside. Go get fenders on your bike - it's much cooler not having a stripe of black road grime up your ass than it is to be seen with fenders on your bicycle - it's time to get over this notion that fenders aren't kicking off that cool image or that you're somehow viewed as less extreme with them on. Shit, throw a damn kickstand on there while you're at it - I've got fenders on all my bikes and kickstands on about half - it's the new black, not to mention the dark lord shares my approval.

If you're still here, I'm looking for a used bike trailer. A Burley type sitting unused in your neighbors garage would be great. Email me over on the right and let's do some dealing.

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CoCargoRider said...

I love fenders and kickstands. They are SO sexy