Sunday, March 22, 2009

Slick 116km recap

Another Slick-50 ride come and gone; memories are all that remain.

It all started out innocently enough at Grumpy's NE:
Grumpy's #1 - NE

A short 36 miles later we were at St. Bonnie's amidst a city-wide college party sans the college crowd or college:
Grumpy's #2, St. Bonifacius

Amy C.:
Amy C.

Another 36 miles and we found ourselves sitting at downtown Grumpy's, ready for food and drink:
Grumpy's #3, Downtown

I don't know who invited her, but Suzanne Somers showed; word is she hopped on right before the two hill climbs in Mound.

"I recommend it, and use it":

Big kudos for all those dropped but continued on and finished.

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