Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a sad pre-farewell to LFOAB and family

Coffee with Chloe and Large Feller

He's the only one that admits to reading this page and he therefore gets his own entry. Scott has been a good friend - he's the only one that threw me a birthday party this year - shit, for a whole lot of years; he routinely checks in with questions, advice, or just a hello; invites me over to his house; lets me help move his crap from one house to another; and allows me to babysit his daughter while he takes a nap or smokes and listens to his headphones on the patio of the CRC.

Seriously, he's a good guy and I'll miss him, Chloe, and Amy when they move off to Kansas City in the next month or two.

Make sure to say hello to him if you haven't, cuz you might be soon missing your chance.

He still won't let me touch his bike, by the way. I mean what an ass - it's only a bike.

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Jim K said...

KCMO? I thought it was PDX?