Friday, June 12, 2009

Specialized Globe Bike Launch in Minneapolis

Full disclosure - the Specialized Globe team did purchase for me a plate of donuts and several Belgian beers, for starters. [full Globe site to launch on 28June2009.]

[update - News brief in Momentum; full print article to follow.]

We spent the past few days meeting with Specialized Globe people and riding their new line of bikes intended to bring people into the "cycling lifestyle."

One of the new bikes, the Roll, a single speed with a flip-flop hub will certainly be welcome amongst the urban fixie set. Seen here is a the front fork & hub detail, one of many touches that prove out the attention to detail given to these new bikes; that's a customized keyed washer providing the clean lines, take it out and any front hub will do.
Roll - fork & hub detail

Further detail is highlighted in the very strong custom fork crown of the Roll 02 model. These details should not merely be over looked; it's quite an effort and an expense to cast your own crowns, and these were done right and designed from the ground up, based on my conversations with the lead engineer, Amber Lucas.

Single piece stem/bar. Note the grips and bars share the same diameter; standard grips also fit for those who want customization options. Stem has a slight bend and the assembly can be reversed for a more upright riding position.
Roll handlebar detail

This is the Roll 02 cooling off along the Mississippi in the MPLS. Brad of Urban Velo has a similar shot of this ride.
Roll 02

The Haul (02 model shown here) is a welcome addition to the cargo category of bikes, for when some of the competition seems to be a bit of overkill; and you can get this one up a set of stairs. I rode this bike for the day and it handled great, though I didn't get a change to load it down with more than a pannier or two.

The Live (02 model here) is being introduced as a high quality light duty cargo bike, though it's clearly engineered to withstand more than most people will attempt to deliver. The frame also comes in a Mixte, and with an 8-speed chain or belt driven internal hub.
Brad and Nic - baby carrier

Detail of the custom front rack fork mount on the Live 02:
Live - custom fork and rack detail

The Bike Hugger gang showed up, always nice to meet more of the BH team:
Bike Huggers

More from my photo set here. Expect to see a full write up in Momentum magazine in the near future, as soon as the Hurl and I get around to it that is.

Another update: I test drove the Live 02 a week after this initial report and loaded it up with some weight in order to see how it handled loaded, as I was a bit skeptical. This thing gave a solid ride with no wobbles up front; sure the steering was a bit heavier, but I figure this is about 25 lbs [11 kg] so not a lot of surprise there. I've ridden this to the liquor store, to work, to the dentist, to the local bike shops, the grocery; and while it rides slower than what I'm used to, I want one.
Loaded up and truckin


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Good photos and I hope David wasn't tricking me and I flashed a gang sign that'll get my ass kicked.

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