Monday, June 1, 2009


So Friday night at about 11pm my friend Tom calls me up asking if I'm going on the ride Saturday morning - sure, I guess - it's the 3rd annual Crofut Wine ride.  The first 2 were sort of put together as a way of me hitting my MS-150 goal, but this time I was simply along for the ride.

Head up to the CRC meeting point with Melissa on her new 1988 T-Rek SS:
Melissa on her 1988 Trek 360

Tom rides to the MPLS from Chaska to give me moral support on the ride out.  Here's Tom on his chrome Pista; fixed rider, no car, and pushing 55 - not too shabby.
Tom on his Pista

The wine ride was swell, hauled ass out to Jordan, but the ride back to Chaska was country riding with no tree cover and direct headwind - sucked the energy outta me through a silly-straw.

Riding back to the MPLS I have to stop and catch a photo of a Money-Puking Richie Rich - if it were so easy, I'd be rich too:
Richie Rich Puking Money

Nearly home, Hurl passes in the opposite direction saying he's headed to the liquor store. I tag along and find the best selection to date of malted beverage in the city at the MGM next to Whole Foods - please challenge me if you have an opinion on the matter. The guy proceeds to deplete the store of their Belgian Budweiser 12-pack bottle supply:
Hurl with 120 bottles of Stella Artois

Meanwhile I grab a sixer of the new Boulevard Single-Wide IPA, my preferred IPA at this time.

All in all, 80 miles for the Saturday.

Sunday - dog park, planted some flowers, ate a few times.

That's it - be careful out there.

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