Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Suitable for fixie conversion

Peering around this morning I find an article in The Times about "beater bikes" and ways to find them. The article links to a do's and dont's of bicycle selling on Craigslist, on Craigslist nonetheless. I have to admit I rarely hit the ebays or Craigslist places for many of the reasons on the list, but mainly people out of the know selling crap for a lot more than it's worth. The Times article also links to some snob guy, whose blog I've never visited and I'm not sure I want to - sounds a bit too snobbish just by the title alone, I think I'll leave it at that.

Here's Lake Calhoun a few nights ago. My dog jumped/fell off the end of the dock a few minutes after I took this picture. 2200 and faint light in the sky, cool.


Sveden said...

Beautiful photo. That glow is crazy.

Frank Galea said...

Craigslist Posting expired