Sunday, June 28, 2009

but I digress

We just came across this ad inside an old book:
Mead Cycle Company

I like to ride the 'Ranger' in my "spare time hours," so my "admiring friends can be easily induced to place their orders through [me]." Then I induce them to come to my house when my parents are at work and induce them to help me consume a line of daddy's factory-direct cocaine. But I digress.

Saw this a few weeks ago:
Tanjor Bicycle Trailer

And loaded this up a few days ago:
Hot and Humid

Hot in the city, the box fan helps out. I spent the extra 5-bucks for the "wind ring system," which I have to say looks a lot more convincing on the box than it does on the fan itself. 30% more air velocity my ass. I think I'd get even better air velocity if I were to take off the fan guards altogether; hmmm, weekend project.

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Adam Underwood said...

Wow, a Mead bicycle. My grandpappy gave me a Mead when I was 12. It looked a lot like Pee-Wee's bike. But, being the snot-nosed kid I was, I didn't appreciate then. I wish I still had it.