Thursday, June 25, 2009

Andy Knapp - master of human powered adventures

I can't say I was fortunate enough to have known Andy, but have friends who were aquainted with him and are mourning his loss.

This blurb from his web site is enough to win over my respect and admiration:

For over 47 years, I have had the opportunity to engage in many different human-powered adventures, including bicycle touring and commuting, hiking and backpacking, mountaineering, running, cross-country skiing, canoeing, and sea kayaking. Over the years, I have logged in over 159,000 self-propelled miles of these activities, highlighted by a 7460-mile bicycle trip to Alaska and back, a 502-mile solo backpacking trip along the length of Alaska's Brook Range, and a 1136-mile sea kayak circumnavigation of Lake Superior, among dozens of others.

Andy also had a blog, Distant Horizons, which details his adventures as well as his final fight with cancer.

Thanks to Melissa for sharing with me his story.

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E said...

Zow! His packed-up ride is a sight to behold and proof that long hauls can be made with out pricey gear. I'll bet he rode in dungarees.
RIP Mister Knapp.