Friday, October 10, 2008

they're taking my Chloe away on Tuesday

this just in from Freaky Friday:

Hey Folks-

Big News, Weird & Odd News, Bizarre News:

As I'm sure many of you know, after all the flip-flopping back and forth on relocating out of MN for Portland, OR [and then it was Northern Cali, and then Portland, and then... ] and then calling the whole enchilada off [too much shit wasn't coming together, and Amy had resigned from her gig here in Minneapolis and couldn't un-resign (hiring freeze) and then money was getting very sparse, and then Amy landed a gig at Abbott... ] we decided to stay here in Minneapolis for -at least- the winter.

Well, much has changed in a short time.

We have to be out of our current place this Sunday, and into a new crib in Seward. That didn't work out [dump, over-priced] and we were prepared to go to our "Back-Up Plan". That being staying with our good pal, Bob Brown, at his crib until we could find a place for Nov. 1st. And that's what's happening... 'cept it will be for precisely 3 days.



In our latest episode of "Jebus Christ on a cracker with aerosol cheese": Amy got a call from the place in Portland that -way back in August- needed her [us] to be there with Oregon Nursing License in hand ASAP [but her license wasn't here yet, so they had to hire someone else]... as of two days ago, they have a position for her, in a department that's her specialty and with housing included in the deal.

So... her start date is Oct. 27th, we take the new apt. on Oct 24th.

So to the folks who care [and the ones who might not, but we care about you anyway], it looks like 'next Spring' is actually 10 days away. We are hitting the road w/bikes, cat, daughter, wife, me, gerbils and assorted crap that constitutes Life on Oct. 14th westbound for Portland [getting there a little bit early will allow us time to explore, get all of our stuff into storage and ride around... we'll be staying in motels on the Oregon coast while waiting for our crib to become available].

We hope we bump into you before then [residing in the Battle Creek area of SP will seriously cramp our day to day rollin' thru the 612 me thinks/not to mention the short amount of time we are around before splitting], but if we do not... anyone receiving this email, well you mean, have meant, will always mean... a great deal to us. We hope you all know this. We do.

Good thing we had two parties... twice as many memories.

We will think of you all back here rollin' thru winter, think of us out there rollin' thru rain [it's all wetness in the end].

Rubber Side Down, and much Love-

-Scott, Amy & Chloe Cutshall

PS-->> Nick & Kevin J, all systems are still Go for Sunday, I'll be in touch with you both, Thanks

All this from a guy who spends his nights peeing on high voltage lines. We'll miss you kids - godspeed.

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Me [LFoaB] said...

Not nearly as much as we'll miss you, Brother.