Saturday, October 11, 2008

escalators, Amsterdam, Wirth race, Dow, beer

where to start?

bridge club Friday night - rode by a gas station, saw gas at $2.89 per gallon - wasn't it just 4-bucks recently? Shit, get out there and drive.

heading on a trip - my colleague sends me a list of stuff to bring him and family - so I'm trucking up and down escalators at Pennies looking for pajamas and the like for size 4T and 6T children - out of my element, dude. and those escalators aren't a ride, people - keep on moving, it'll help to rid the cellulite. I'm gonna have to have a talk with him - no more shopping mall excursions.

fast forward a bunch of hours - sitting in the AMS airport.

anybody going to the wirth cyclocross race today? I'm bummed I'm missing it.

Wednesday the 15th - there's a birthday ceremony and tree dedication for Rachel Dow from 5-7pm at her bench on the W river road at Folwell Ave.

get out there people, we've all got beer to drink.

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