Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pinched Nerve, HFF, Geno, Arrogance, and a mention of the CRC west

So I jacked my back pretty good a few days ago - pinched a nerve. Pain indeed. Visited the chiropractor twice now, doing better but need a few days to recover. I think the WNR is a no go for me tonight - gonna miss the 5th ride of the month unless I'm feeling much better in a few hours, which could very well happen. And furthermore, based on events planned for the weekend, please don't go calling me on Sunday - even I require a bit of rest, from time to time.

Kris pointed out this article in the local paper to me this morning. Good for Gene and Jennifer, I'm glad to see proof of them doing well - as if the addition on their home wasn't an indication by itself... And why is it popular for anonymous people to say they were treated with arrogance when walking into 1/1, and then always citing Freewheel as the preferred place to go? I can't speak for Freewheel, because I haven't walked into that place in years, but the characters at 1/1 are some of the friendliest in town (even to people they don't know, believe it or not), and I routinely see them all go to great lengths to help out a customer - even occasionally sleeping uncovered on the benches and hardwood floors to ensure they're on time for work in the morning - now that's dedication you don't see at those chain branches like the CRC, unless you're at the CRC west, because that's occurred a number of times - believe me.

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