Wednesday, October 22, 2008

darkness is upon us

So it's dark getting to work, gonna be dark on the way home soon as well. My hands were numb from the cold this morning - note to self - pack better gloves and I'm gonna need something to cover the ears soon. Make sure to freshen the batteries on your red blinkies - they keep working but get too dim and now's when you need 'em, my friends.

High Life update: 5160, with a stack of points sitting on the counter, just a waiting for bonus point days. Update: they're giving away a cruiser bike for 31-thousand points - only 108 cases to go!

Yep, they started giving out points for drinking beer and the wrong guy found out about it.

Scored a 3-speed English rider last night - looking forward to giving her a few laps around the block.

Friday - God Came From Space at Stasius. When you see me, offer a drink - I think this goes without saying.

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