Wednesday, October 15, 2008

this time I'm fully with it - sorry about that other night thing

I'm checking the news for the first time in more than a day - yeah I know, way out of touch. How the hell did Obama just get a 53-36 lead over Hero-boy? And I see my departure from the country hasn't saved the economy - I was hoping there would be some influence.

I'm just walking through the Amsterdam airport when two airport cops come flying past me at full speed on their Segway scooters, pants flapping in the wind, which paints a picture of GOB into my head and I can't stop laughing in their direction.

My custom bag, hand made by Eric at Banjo Brothers is complete - see me sporting it on my return.

But seriously - I'd move to Sweden in an instant - the food, the people, the beauty, the culture - in an instant...

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deplaqer said...

You'd love Sweden until you got your bill for a glass of beer. 8 USD. Cheers!