Wednesday, October 1, 2008

relax, I'm back

First of all, that last post I posted - about the Jana winning that race deal - yeah, she didn't win. She did come in first behind the winner, so that's pretty damn good. Not sure what she got for prize swag, but I like to think it was good stuff.

I was out in the CO west for a few days, visiting the former shockspital intern and now Naropa monk:
Had a great time - rode my bike around a lot, also rode a Bianchi BOSS with orange Paul hubs, stayed at a hippie co-op house, found an amazing used bookstore with an incredible selection, finally drank at Mountain Sun, and ended my stay by seeing the sun disappear behind the mountains as my plane exited the gate. Now I have to take advantage of my super lungs seeing that I'm about 5000-feet (1500m) lower in elevation.

But seriously, I did my best to find a Subaru in affluent Boulder without some sort of bicycle/kayak/ski/something-or-other rack on top - simply can't be done, at least with the power of one person - I think this might be a good distributed computing problem, like finding the next largest prime number, but in this case I think it's a losing proposition.

In other news, did I miss anything while away? And on a completely unrelated note, I wonder how my stocks are doing...


Me [LFoaB] said...

Welcome Home...

that trip went, too, quick.


mplsgirl@hrt said...
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