Wednesday, August 13, 2008

start seeing motorcycles, you non-taxpaying bicyclists - or - I had friends die face-down in the muck so I can ride this motorcycle

Hunt on for motorcycle that fled after hitting bicyclist

Authorities are looking for a motorcycle that struck a bicycle on a southwestern Minnesota highway next to a state park.

The hit and run occurred shortly after 7:30 p.m. Tuesday on Hwy. 23 near Camden State Park. That's about 10 miles southwest of Marshall.

The State Patrol says that a black Harley-Davidson "clipped" the bicycle, leaving victim Daniel U. Smith, 33, of Marshall, with a broken elbow.

The Harley was last seen heading north on Hwy. 23.

"We are looking for anyone able to identify or give a description" of the motorcycle, the patrol said in a media dispatch. The patrol said it is taking calls about this case at 1-507-537-6277.

Once men turn 50, they seem to alter their lifestyles with one of the following purchases:

  1. a Harley-Davidson
  2. a sportscar
  3. a recumbent

Can I get an amen?

And those who fail to learn from their mistakes, dude...

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. said...

Are you saying it's a bad thing to have people riding recumbants?